What do you think of when the term “landscaping whimsy” comes to mind?

  • Gnomes peeking out of the bushes?
  • An old-fashioned mirrored gazing ball sparkling in the sunlight as it sits atop its concrete pillar?
  • A lovely bird bath?
  • A Koi pond?
  • How about some kind of wrought iron hanging lanterns?
  • The ubiquitous bathtub Madonna?
  • Solar powered lights along a meandering stone walkway?

Well, the times are changing and, if you’re tired of the run-of-the-mill lawn and garden novelties, you can now literally dazzle your neighborhood with your very own luminescent driveway by using a product called GlowStone!

This material, a polymer, is non-toxic and environmentally safe. On exposure to as little as 15 minutes of bright sun, the manufacturer claims when the sun goes down, wherever you have placed it, your installation will luminesce  past your bedtime and into the wee hours. Applications can utilize the product that come in small pebbles to large rocks. The above driveway, which to me looks like the Milky Way turned up-side-down, is a huge installation and probably enormously expensive. For the more budget minded, GlowStone can be laid along the edges of walks or patios or even used  to surround plants in large patio pots.

GlowStone is a novelty for sure, but imagine how much fun it would be to create your own starry, starry night even on a miniature scale.